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Watering Tech

Every new school to the Trees for Survival programme is set up with a plant growing unit (PGU) that we refer to as the shade house. This is where the growing takes place for all the seedlings. Once potted up from their seedling trays to larger planting bags, the timers are set for watering and schools monitor plant growth until next planting season.  The TfS shade houses were designed by Rotary in 1991 and have undergone only minor changes since. One thing that has changed is the introduction of the use of automatic rain sensor timers for the irrigation – reducing the risk of overwatering and enabling easy to change, precise watering of plants.  Programmed from a phone based App by teachers and facilitators, currently 180 TfS schools enjoy the new Toro Tempus DC automated system and others look forward to theirs being upgraded - awesome!


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