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Other ways to support

 There's many ways to show your support for the Trees for Survival Programme!

Show your support by joining the Trees for Survival community

Every donation helps

Every donation helps us deliver the Trees for Survival programme to more schools and more students.

Ko au te whenua, ko te whenua, ko au.
I am the land, the land is me.

Join our community for change

Make a profound impact with a regular donation to the Trees for Survival programme.

Like a sapling growing into a towering tree, your steady support will contribute to the growth and vitality of our projects, fostering a sustainable future.

Choose your frequency and your amount - and show your support for the Trees for Survival Programme - New Zealand schools growing native trees and planting in our communities and creating a greener, healthier environment for all of us.

By becoming a regular supporter, you join a community of changemakers dedicated to nurturing our planet's delicate ecosystems right here.

Your recurring contributions provide us with a reliable source of funding, enabling us to share our native tree growing and planting programme, affecting long-term change and sharing environmental education with more students across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Play a pivotal role in safeguarding biodiversity, combating climate change, and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

As a regular donor, you'll receive exclusive updates, insights into our projects, and the satisfaction of knowing you're driving real, positive change.

It's an awesome feeling knowing my weekly $7 donation contributes directly to one native plant being planted in the ground by local students. 

I've indirectly planted 52 trees this year and that's just fantastic."

– Karen, Hamilton

Join our community of change!

Our Trees for Survival community members receive quarterly eNewsletters and an annual wrap up of the yearly programme progress.

Leave your legacy

Imagine a world where your love for nature blossoms into flourishing forests, cleaner air, and a healthier planet.

Leave an everlasting legacy with a bequest to Trees for Survival. 

By including us in your will, you're nurturing a greener tomorrow that will thrive for generations to come. 

Your thoughtful contribution will plant seeds of positive change, allowing us to continue our mission of reforestation, conservation, and environmental education. 

Your bequest not only ensures the preservation of our planet's beauty but also serves as a profound statement of your values, a testament to your commitment to a sustainable future. 

As your legacy takes root in the form of majestic trees, so too does your memory, intertwined with the very fabric of the Earth. Your legacy, etched in leaves and branches, will stand tall as an enduring emblem of your compassion and foresight.

Join us in shaping a better world – a world of vibrant ecosystems and bountiful tomorrows – through the simple act of including Trees for Survival in your will. 

Check out what's been happening!

See the latest news, plantings and events happening in the Trees for Survival programme!

Principal Partners

We are incredibly thankful to our Principal Partners whose generous support ensures we can bring Trees for Survival to more schools, educating more students, and planting more trees than ever before!

Trees for Survival is a Rotary initiated project, originally established by the Rotary Club of Pakuranga in 1991.
We are thrilled to receive ongoing support from numerous Rotary Clubs with club members regularly helping at our planting days.


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