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Outstanding Results

Hearing from landowners who want to share the success of a schools planting is one way Trees for Survival measure and share their success.  Given the best chance at survival through good siteRead more

Good things take time!

We are all aware of the long term benefits of planting native plants such as the creation of ecological corridors and filtering of nutrients into waterways, so it was pretty special that at thisRead more

Give the gift of trees this Christmas

Trees for Survival national manager Phil Lyons is encouraging people to give a donation this Christmas to help their environmental education programme expand to more schools across Aotearoa NewRead more

Welcome Taranaki!

Five schools in the Taranaki region were welcomed to the Trees for Survival programme in 2022 and have now completed their first cycle of growing on seedlings and  planting these out.  What a greatRead more

Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung..... so it must be seedling time! With planting days nearly completed for the season, potting up season is suddenly here.  A huge amount of planning  is involved to enable theRead more

Watering Tech

Every new school to the Trees for Survival programme is set up with a plant growing unit (PGU) that we refer to as the shade house. This is where the growing takes place for all the seedlings. OnceRead more


The 2023 Trees for Survival planting season has seen some wonderful milestones reached which we know will inspire our partners. We have acknowledged teachers who helped run the programme in schools fRead more

Bringing back birdsong

As plants grow and mature, many of the Trees for Survival planting sites will contribute to becoming ‘stepping stones’ or ‘ecological corridors’ linking and joining areas of existing nativeRead more

August Planting

August Planting…….. August has been a busy month for Trees for Survival Schools with lots of schools getting out and enjoying their planting days.  During August our schools have planted 36,816Read more

Coromandel Peninsula

Five Coromandel Peninsula schools were welcomed to the Trees for Survival programme in 2022.  With lots of support from landowners, teachers and corporate partners, these 5 schools have completedRead more

We love planting waterways

Water has featured prominently in our news this year with some dramatic rain fall events around the country. Many Trees for Survival schools plant around riparian margins and overland flow pathsRead more

Matariki... In the Waikato

Trees for Survival were proud to join with Principal Partner Crombie Lockwood to support representatives from Ngāti Koriki Kahukura who hosted a morning celebration to acknowledge Matariki.  On theRead more

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