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School Partnerships

Our School partnership package is a fantastic way for your business to offer ongoing yearly support of an existing or new Trees for Survival school.

With your support, we enable students and their communities to create a healthier future for themselves and generations to come through knowledge and understanding of our precious native environment.  

Becoming a School Partner is a great way for a school to have the support of their local community. Through your support we're helping students develop an interest and love of our environment with the fantastic experience of nurturing and planting native trees!

Choose from partnering with a new or existing school!

What you get!

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Message Sent.

This is our third year doing Trees for Survival and we love it! We had SO many students wanting to do it that it was hard to pick 30!
As an Enviro School we feel it is really important to be part of this native tree planting programme both to help the environment but also to give the students to opportunity to be outside and experience nature.

One student just sat and watched the river for 10 minutes! It was a beautiful sight. We particularly enjoyed being at the farm in Clevedon as we also got to see the eels and horses. We would LOVE to go back another year!”

– Teacher, Howick School   

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We offer a range of ways to show your support for the Trees for Survival programme.


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