Why you should be a Trees for Survival school!

Trees for Survival is an environmental education program teaching the fundamental principles of ecology, horticulture, and environmental restoration.

Students raise native seedlings at school and plant them out on at-risk land.

  • New Zealand has a climate that grows plants well and native trees are integral to our well-being.
  • Our native trees are unique, and are part of what makes your students Kiwi – our turangawaewae!
  • The trees that are nurtured by Trees for Survival students have a positive impact on our environment, meaning a cleaner, greener New Zealand.
  • Students experience the miracle of growth, get soil on their hands and conservation in their hearts.
  • Trees for Survival helps engage companies and schools in the environmental restoration process.
  • Click here – it takes just 81 seconds : What is Trees for Survival?
  • Then here: Application form to join the Trees for Survival programme