What is a Plant Growing Unit?

A Plant Growing Unit is a specially designed shade house for up to 1500 seedlings. It has  shade  curtains and  top and includes an irrigation system and  automatic timer to make watering easy and efficient.

For best results the unit should be placed on a level surface, in a sunny location that won’t get boggy in winter. A good water tap nearby is essential.  Click here for information about providing the best location for your Plant Growing Unit. The twin 3 metre growing units are  1.5m wide x 1.8m high, but extra space must be allowed for around the unit for  potting plants, and an area where fully grown plants can be put to ‘harden off’.

If security is an issue it is sometimes necessary to fence the area, and provide a lockable place  for the water timer.

A  Plant Growing Unit is very durable, and many  installed 20 years ago are still fully operational.

The cost  includes wire baskets, root trainers, milk crates, and a water timer. A standard order  comes as 2 x 3 m units ($5000 + GST + freight).

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