What are the annual costs?

An annual fee is paid by the  School or its sponsor, or a combination of both, to enable the school to participate in the Trees for Survival programme.

This fee provides the funds to supply the school with seedlings, Dalton’s potting mix, planter bags, and  Nitrosol fertiliser as well as the time for a  Field Officer to assist the school.

A school with a 6m Plant Growing Unit or 2 x 3 m Plant Growing Units, with the potential to grow in excess of 850 native plants is charged an Annual fee of $690.00+GST.

Any organisation which would like to be a School Sponsor should approach their local school in the first instance. Further information can be found on this website or by contacting the National Manager.

A School Sponsor may offer a school additional financial support to provide transport on planting day or to make additional resources available to the school. A School Sponsor is encouraged to provide personnel to assist the teacher in the plant growing programme or on planting day.