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At the Jay St Community Nursery: left, Fraser McKenzie from Accor with Merete Spencer and Wally Bustria from Newlands College; and Peter Gilberd.

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Recently Wellington has had a diverse programme of activities including an exciting visit from new sponsors ACCOR.

On the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington two TfS schools have been improving the environment within their schools.

At Kenakena School in Paraparaumu, the environment group, organised by caretaker Marty Rosedale, has planted a raised garden/seating area with Libertia ixioides, Muehlenbeckia astonii and Dianella nigra. Although the school has its own shade house, they have not been propagating these species and were kindly helped out by the Wellington Forest and Bird nursery. TfSWellington Regional Manager, Peter Gilberd, is very appreciative of that support, and particularly the help of coordinator, Chris Streatfield, who goes out of his way to support local schools.

Left, Lisa Blockley from Accor and Shannon Gordon from Newlands College share a joke as they pot up a small lemonwood.

Several of students of Pukerua Bay School, at the southern extremity of the Kapiti Coast, have been improving the Skink Garden, by planting Coprosma propinqua – a divaricating plant that provides cover for the lizards and fruit for the lizards to eat. They also planted Muehlenbeckia astonii, which provide cover and attract insects, another source of food.

In Wellington, Newlands School and Bellevue School are also carrying out planting within their school grounds with support from TfS.

However, the highlight has been the hosting of 36 staff from ACCOR hotels by students from the Newlands College Learning Support Unit. The students showed their visitors how to prick out and pot up native seedlings at the Jay St Community Nursery that adjoins their school. The students, all enthusiastic gardeners, have several plots in the community garden which shares the Jay St Reserve site with the nursery, and also plant native trees in local reserves.  The visitors from ACCOR New Zealand, which has just signed up to support TfS, have been learning some of the steps involved in restoring the environment.

Mucking in. Pamela Oliveira and Peter Gilberd and showing off the lemonwoods (tarata) being potted up by Newlands College students and Accor staff.


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