Well done on the dunes!

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Teacher John Tawharu and his Omanu School Room 7 students have been working hard this year with their TfS dune project. Both the class itself and the school as a whole have an active interest in helping to protect and restore their local beach environment. Through the generous sponsorship by Bayfair ASB, and supported by Chris Ward from Coastcare, it has been possible for five classes to plant hundreds of native plants on the Omanu dunes.

John Tawharu talks to students about their project

Seeing the value of sponsorship at first hand

The school is very appreciative of ASB’s contribution to the success of their programme and Omanu students personally invited Branch Manager Glen Strang to this year’s planting.

Amber and Greg from ASB with students

A novel invitation from the students

With their plants now in the ground it was then time for the school to get potting again. As part of a whole school Envirofest afternoon, Room 7 hosted a seedling potting session at which children from the senior school down to the smallest new entrants had a turn at setting small seedlings into pots.

A visual summary of the day

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