Urban spaces, growth and greetings

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I am fortunate to reside in Manurewa, close to the Auckland Botanical Gardens and Totara Park, which allows me the opportunity of walking through the gardens and the park trails with its many steps as part of my daily exercise regime.

How fortunate we are to have these urban spaces established in our towns and cities that allow us in to walk, or run, through such clean fresh and beautiful surrounds. In many ways it ought to keep us in touch with what we have, and what we need to preserve, retain and re-establish.

TfS continues to expand with exceptional growth in the Waikato region, where 17 schools have joined the programme in 2013 and there are another three ready for the New Year. We are also gearing up for six additional schools in the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch regions early in 2014.

We have increased our newsletter frequency to bi-monthly and are pleased with the feedback and response from our readers, especially our sponsors and supporters. Our aim is to broaden our base continually and reach out to more like-minded people, organisations and sponsors in 2014.

On behalf of the operational arm of the Trees for Survival Trust, I thank everyone for their support, contribution and donations in 2013. May you enjoy time with families and friends over the holidays, have a Merry Christmas, a Joyous New Year and travel safely.

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 Don Roa, TfS National Manager