Unit Sponsor

In order to participate in the Trees for Survival (TfS) programme each school requires a Unit Sponsor to provide a Plant Growing Unit (PGU) or Shade House in which to grow their plants.

The Unit Sponsor may be a local business or landcare group or service club, such as Rotary and the Sponsor is usually found after an approach from the School or vice versa. TfS will offer assistance if necessary.

The Unit Sponsor provides the funds to cover the cost of the PGU or shade house. As a result of the liaison between the School and the Sponsor a community partnership is formed when the School has joined the programme.

The Unit Sponsor may also be the School Sponsor if it wants to continue its liaison with the School by providing further financial or personnel support. However, this is not a requirement. The Unit Sponsor will continue to be consulted by TfS and the School over how the PGU or Shade House is being used.

The Unit Sponsor will be able to promote its support for the school by signage placed on the PGU at the school.