The combined Rotary Clubs of New Zealand support Trees for Survival  – the only environmental programme to have this support. These Clubs and Districts are current supporters of the programme.

The future of this planet is in the hands of our children and to avoid repeating the mistakes of our past we must teach future generations how important trees are for our survival.

Trees for Survival (TfS) is a Charitable Trust introduced to New Zealand by PDG Noel Holyoake and adopted by the Rotary Club of Pakuranga with the first three trial units established in 1991. By 1994 TfS had grown too big for the club to administer and the Trees for Survival Trust was formed. Rotary however still have a pivotal role in TfS nationally, providing local support to schools and building the community partnerships so vital to Trees for Survival’s success.

Trees for Survival – children growing our future – is a programme designed to involve children in learning about trees and how important they are for our future. The objective of ‘more children planting more trees’ helps to control soil erosion, safeguard water quality, regulate stream flow, increase biodiversity, control greenhouse gases and to restore and beautify landscapes.

The Trees for Survival programme has continued to grow and there are now over 165 schools throughout New Zealand, with each year more than 5,000 children planting approximately 70,000 trees per year. A feature of the programme is community partnership – bringing together different organisations and individuals working together to protect our environment. In the school community children, teachers, parents and grandparents work with a sponsor (Rotary, or local business), the local council, and landowners – a partnership with the common goal of making a difference to our ‘at risk’ landscape.

How can you help?
Become a Sponsor – Service and Community groups such as Rotary can encourage local businesses to fund and support the TfS programme in local schools by covering the initial set-up costs and the ongoing annual cost of providing support, resources, materials and equipment to maintain the school’s Plant Growing Unit (PGU). This community partnership provides school students with a practical environmental education and the opportunity to learn about our native flora, grow and plant trees and to discover how important plants are to our future.

It is also a way a Rotary Club can take a leading role in its community by taking on an environmental project.

Download the Brochure – About Trees for Survival