TV4’s Moe visits a TfS planting day

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On 4 June, Waiuku Primary School Year 3 and 4 pupils with TfS teacher Gina Yelchich were very excited about going on a bus to the Whitehead property, just five minutes west of town, to plant out their seedlings. On top of this they would meet a film crew from Pop-up Workshop coming to film an episode of The Moe Show, a children’s programme aired on TV4 about a friendly young monster that lives in a tree house in the Coromandel Ranges.

A well prepared streamside planting site at the Whitehead Property Waiuku

Waiuku Primary class talking about trees with Ms Dianne Whitehead

At their school, Makereta Minhinnick and Nikora Murphy-McPherson showed Moe the tiny  seedlings in a punnet and Moe could not believe that these tiny plants were actually trees – baby trees. The children demonstrated to Moe how they carefully prick out and pot on native tree seedlings and grow them on in their PGU. Then they took Moe along to their planting site and taught him how to plant a seedling. He asked questions of pupils Reuben Van Straten and Madeleine McLean, Planting Day Coordinator Rata Gordon and also TfS Field Officer Dianne Patterson.

Film crew shooting Makereta and Nikora pricking out at Waiuku Primary

Film crew on location


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