The power of social media!

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Sylvie Wilkinson, education consultant and TfS Co-ordinator at Takanini School applauds the role of modern communications:


“Children at South Auckland’s Takanini School love their gardening, especially the Drury Rotary sponsored TfS project. Each time I enter a class room, hands shoot up on the off chance I’m choosing a group to work with me. With June planting day looming and the intention to work in a wetland area, I checked with the 22 children chosen, which of them had access to gum boots. To my dismay, I found just two had boots at home.

“So, what to do? After asking my own Pakuranga Rotary Club and receiving four pairs, which, while pleasing, was nowhere near enough, a friend suggested putting the request on Facebook.

“Within three days I had enough boots left at my front door for every child to have a well-fitting pair, and several spares for the future. The children were delighted. Some had never had boots on their feet before and stomped around with grins on their faces, saying, ‘This looks like the meat works’. The older children made a thank you sign for Facebook, letting people know how much the kindness of strangers was appreciated.

“After a hard day’s work on the Papatoetoe farm, two boys asked if they could come back with their Dads in the weekend to plant the trees we didn’t have time to get in the ground. The following day, although complaining of aching muscles, the children were already asking me if they could go again next time. Yes, they do love their TfS programme!

“The boots do not go home, but are stored at school so this valuable resource is there for the long term, to be used not only for TfS, but also for the Garden to Table programme I run.

“Thank goodness for the power of social media and the generosity of the public.”

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