The first Kowhai awards closing

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At the time of writing the first Trees for Survival Kowhai School Awards are about to close. This new programme now offers scope for recognising the various contributors to the TfS programme in an integrated group of awards, while maintaining the prestigious Holyoake Award for the premium school for the year.

The development has long been on the agenda and 2013 suddenly became the year to launch it; albeit at quite short notice. Certainly in 2104 Field Officers will discuss the Kowhai Awards early in the school year and encourage both TfS teachers and their students to be aware of the opportunity to achieve Kowhai status in the end of year evaluation.

An awareness of the judging criteria should also help both teachers and students to present their very valuable year’s work in the best light. The goal is clearly to see many schools attain Kowhai status and then set out to maintain it every year.

In November, this year’s judging will take place with the results featuring in a coming edition of Te Māra a Tāne.

Teachers should also remember to send in their nominations for their best TfS NZ Steel students – TfS Field Officers are currently submitting their nominations for the TfS ACCOR Teacher award. To submit your nominations refer to this recent email.

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