TfS Goals

Opening Statement
The Trees for Survival (TfS) project, promoted by the TfS Charitable Trust, is an environmental and educational programme which encourages school children to learn about our native flora and the vital role plants play in our ecosystems.The programme operates as a community partnership which can involve a local school, community support groups, supporters, sponsors, landowners, volunteers and councils.

The objective of the TfS Charitable Trust is to increase the number of New Zealand children who appreciate our native flora having gained inspiration from caring for and growing plants within the TfS programme. Then having planted their native trees to restore the land, waterways and biodiversity they not only understand the value of trees but  also gain a sense of satisfaction from contributing to the long term welfare of our natural heritage.

Key Outcomes of the TfS Programme
– enjoy caring for and growing native plants
– appreciate the value of our native flora
– participate in habitat restoration
– understand the value of their contribution
– develop horticultural skills transferable to future needs

The community
– is involved in creating a better environment for the future
– appreciates the importance of restoring natural habitats
– supports the local school and its children

– have an opportunity to support an environmental initiative
– are seen to be environmentally aware
– promote their brand to potential future clients
– involve staff in environmental action by assisting on planting days

Restoration projects
– help control soil erosion and reduce soil loss and potential for flooding
– safeguard water quality by reducing silt and nutrient pollution
– improve stream flow with riparian plantings
– increasing biodiversity by providing new habitats for animals and plants
– restore and beautify our landscape
– removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and mitigate carbon emissions
– renew a natural resource