Teaching the teachers

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TfS is growing well in the Waikato. The project, funded by the Waikato River Authority, to bring 15 PGU’s into the Waikato and Waipa catchments has now seen all 15 units delivered to excited schools and communities.  Seedlings have been distributed and all schools are either underway on, or have completed, the pricking out process.

On 1 November the second Teachers’ Workshop focused on how to integrate the TfS programme into the school’s curriculum. The meeting included experiential activities and explored the value of these in teaching children.  Opportunities for Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom (LEOTC) in the Waikato were discussed and contacts given. The teachers had a really good run through the handbook and remarked on its value as a teaching tool and learning resource. (The TfS Resource Kit teaching aid is available from Trees for Survival)

Learning an action song about Tane Mahuta, Atua of Te Ngahere (the Forest)

The feedback was 100% positive, with suggestions made for networking events and cluster meetings in schools, where TfS teachers and students can support each other.  The teachers’ feedback showed that they had left with a greater depth of understanding and knowledge about the programme. Clearly they were feeling even more excited and passionate about how to make the best use of the unit within their schools and communities.

One teacher wrote, “I now feel like I know what I’m doing!” – another, “Excellent workshop, it’s given me a direction with the help of the workbook.”

Exploring the great resources in the TfS resource handbook

By means of the workshops, teachers are realising that the programme isn’t just about growing trees; it is much, much more!  The third workshop will be run in 2014.

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