Teaching Outcomes

There are two  components of the Trees for Survival  teaching and learning cycle:

  • Growing and Planting Trees
  • Focus in the Classroom.


Growing trees requires ongoing attention – there are lots of opportunities to involve students:

  • allocate  watering and weeding teams
  • Involve the whole class in pricking out and potting on.
  • Make the planting day something to really look forward to.
  • It is best that the teaching curriculum is completed in one year and a planting day planned annually.

Most regions  have small seedlings supplied and are able to grow to a planting out size in one year.

  • plan to plant a minimum of 800 trees
  • there are plenty of classroom  opportunities including counting and recording /  identifying native plants / understanding the complexities of habitats
  • planting days should take place from May to August (September in the deep south)

Late planting often results in poor outcomes, as the roots have not had sufficient time to establish before the following summer, and the dry autumn weather which often follows.


Classroom activities will reinforce the themes outlined in the environmental education curriculum

  • education IN the environment
  • education ABOUT the environment
  • education FOR the environment

The key outcomes of the programme emphasises the role of trees in:

  • controlling erosion
  • improving stream flow and water quality
  • biodiversity
  • reducing carbon emissions

Student benefits include:

  • knowledge of plant parts
  • recognition of native tree seedlings and adult species
  • awareness of the basic requirements for plant growth
  • capability of applying plant nutrients within school health and safety requirements
  • acquaintance with risks to healthy plant growth ( insect pests, weeds, fungal attack)
  • experience in ‘pricking out’ small seedlings and ‘potting on’ more mature seedlings
  • ability  to ‘plant out’ established plants in the field
  • familiarity  with horticultural equipment and pruning.  (eg: root trainers, pots, potting mix,  irrigation, and tools)