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Recently, Amanda Besley of Envirohub Tauranga, hosted in Greerton a school holiday programme called Coast Kids for a group of 20 children age 9-13.  They were to be supplied with four hours volunteer work; so after a spiel about plants and biodiversity the kids proceeded with pricking out seedlings. Two of them came from TfS schools (Maungatapu and Aquinas).


Fish painting

Happy children enjoy an environmental day out

Amanda with dead eel at the Katikati School Holiday Resource Centre programme

Then, for variety, Amanda says, “I had them contribute to my longfin eel mural. The native fish, painted on card, were then mounted on a painted background.

“This collaborative EEL project will be displayed during the Katikati Artfest in September. The TfS programme is a key to catchment planting, which in turn supports the habitat and water quality for the longfin eel. At Katikati College, which it is anticipated will become a TfS school, I have been working with a class on a river project emphasising the demise of the longfin eel.”



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