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The opportunity to get behind the Trees for Survival programme has been enthusiastically embraced by Green Cabs. General Manager, Toni Shuker, says, “When we found out about Trees for Survival we immediately knew we wanted to be part of it.

“We just had to support the fantastic work that Rotary is doing through the schools in not only teaching our kids about the importance of planting trees, but actually getting them to be hands on, doing it first in the schools and then out in areas where tree planting is needed. We want to help raise awareness of Trees for Survival and get this tree planting and education programme into every primary school in New Zealand.”

Green Cabs was started back in 2007 to provide an environmentally-friendly option for the travelling public. The company says it likes to keep things pretty simple. Running low emission vehicles and supporting tree planting to help offset their emissions (and then some) and to improve the environment, is as simple as it gets.

Toni went on, “So far we have planted over 140,000 trees around the world and we’re only just getting started.  At Green Cabs we’re not about buying carbon credits, it simply doesn’t feel right. Tree planting does; and the more trees we can get planted the better not only for our future but, more importantly, for our children’s as well.

“We take the environment and looking after it very seriously; it’s the only one we’ve got after all! We also think New Zealand is the greatest little country in the world and we wanted to do something much closer to home.”

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