Sponsoring Trees for Survival

The Trees for Survival (TfS) strategy is to encourage sponsors at any one of a number of levels, from assisting a school to participate in the programme through to funding a proportion of the cost of running the nationwide programme.

Business and industry are presently looking for opportunities not only to associate with organisations working to preserve our environment but they are also looking at ways in which they can mitigate their carbon usage by planting trees. TfS is an established programme with a proven track record, involving over 150 schools and 5,000 school students each year nationwide, having planted one million trees in the past 20 years.

TfS offers Gold, Silver and Bronze Champions providing sponsorship in the vicinity of $40,000, $20,000 and $10,000 pa respectively. Benefits to sponsors at this level include category exclusivity, exposure on selected Trees for Survival promotional material, opportunities for employee involvement and participation in particular projects (e.g. it could be supporting the setting up of a TfS Plant Growing Unit at either the Auckland Botanical Gardens or the Auckland Zoo.)

‘Proud to be a Supporter of Trees for Survival’ is a recent campaign which encourages businesses, groups or individuals to contribute monthly at a rate of $165 for a period of three years. Among the benefits are the use of the TfS Supporters logo on printed material and electronic media, a presentation ‘plaque’ for the front office and promotion in TfS Newsletters and website. Another advantage is that business can ‘walk the talk’ on carbon offsets effectively and economically while involvement with schools gives brand access to the wider community. There are opportunities for involvement of staff in planting activities too.

Finally TfS is always looking for business and group involvement providing direct sponsorship to schools as a

  • Unit Sponsor providing funds to cover the cost of the purchase of a plant growing unit (PGU) or a wooden Shade House and/or a
  • School Sponsor covering the ongoing yearly costs of potting- mix, seedlings, root trainers, wire baskets, fertiliser, water timer repairs etc as well as offering personnel support to the school.

The School Sponsor may also agree to meet the annual cost of providing transport so that pupils can travel to the planting day and/or any additional costs as jointly determined by the sponsor and school.