Spanning the generations

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Don Roa, TfS National Manager, writes:
With planting season well under way it’s time once again to look to the future and our operational requirements.

As I reported in our last Newsletter our focus continues to be working with other like-minded organisations for the betterment of our beautiful country. Trees for Survival looks favourably towards these associations and related opportunities.

After 23 years of operation we can claim that the programme we are running is demonstrably effective and rewarding for all who participate. We are now at the stage when those children who first participated in the TfS programme are now in positions of influence within their organisations; they may even be parents of the next generation of TfS student in schools and colleges.

We are also impressed by the number of businesses wanting to participate actively in our programme, not only in a sponsorship role but also in working alongside the students at the school or on planting days. It is like the gathering of an army, as everyone comes together to contribute positively to protecting and enhancing our environment.

As always we continue to encourage other organisations and businesses to support and contribute to this journey in any way they can, and acknowledge that good things take time.

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