Snippets from Auckland South

  • Recently a PGU was delivered to Pukeoware School together with potting mix, root trainers, RT baskets and Pb3/4s and they have begun collecting Tetra Pak containers for recycling as plant containers. The teacher responsible for the TfS programme is Marjan Coers and Beryl Oppert will facilitate for Waikato Council. NZ Steel’s support is greatly appreciated by the school.
  • TfS Teacher Claire Hargraves, reporting that Owairoa Primary had been awarded silver status, wrote “it happened to coincide with the week that Cheryl Speechley from Tetra Pak Oceania was in New Zealand”.
  • Following their recent review and renewal of the on-going partnership with TfS, Auckland Council and Water Care Services, Ardmore School was presented with a certificate in recognition of their participation in our programme. Mrs Shirley Stananought and two Senior School leaders received the certificate on behalf of their school.

    • Field Officer Dianne Patterson is near the end of a cycle of reviewing some 35 schools in the Auckland South area, and providing them with a certificate and a sign for public display. Already 32 of these schools remain committed to the programme and in some cases their Support Organisations are renewing signage on the PGUs they have funded.
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