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TfS Field Officer Amanda Besley reports for the Bay, “One bonus to being part of the Tauranga Envirohub is the innovative opportunities that arise to promote both TfS and its sponsors.

“This year has already seen Children’s Day and the Sustainable Backyards Envirofest. The latter, in March, drew hundreds of like-minded people together at the Historic Village where they enjoyed entertainment, browsed the stalls of eco products, learned about and shared ideas on sustainable living. The cheerful, hands-on stall for TfS was a real draw card, with children painting a biodegradable pot (donated by Biogrow) and then potting up their own native seedling (from Naturally Native).

A close inspection at Envirofest

Promoting TfS at Envirofest

“Children’s Day, hosted annually by the Tauranga City Council, attracted thousands of young families to the Historic Village where TfS had a large bright display area alongside Envirohub. Children were keen to have a go at the bug drawing activity which involved using a basic bug body outline as a start for drawing their own colourful insect. The children were encouraged to combine imagination with basic insect anatomy – six jointed legs and three main body parts.

Imagining bugs at Children’s Day

“Both events drew interest about TfS from the public. It was especially exciting when students from local TfS schools connected themselves with the photos in the display of them own planting or potting; they took delight in these sharing with their families.”

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