Planning for planting day

Freemans Bay School planting at Matakana

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This is the culmination of a great learning experience and its smooth operation adds significantly to the students’ memory of the whole programme. Steps need to be taken to:

  • Omanu Primary School planting to protect the Mount

    Ensure that at least one full day in the second or third term is earmarked as planting day on the school calendar. Liaise with the TfS Coordinator, school sponsors and landowner to achieve a mutually suitable date.

  • Consult your local council who may be able to provide personnel and expertise on your planting day.
  • Arrange for the landowner to pick up the plants to be planted approximately two weeks prior to the planting day, thus providing the plants with a chance to harden off at their new locality.
  • Arrange to visit the site before planting day with key support personnel and discuss with the landowner any special requirements you or the students may have to ensure school policies are applied; also be clear who is in charge on the planting day.

    Pukete School at work in the Waikato

  • Prepare a Health and Safety Plan for planting day.
  • If assistance is required to fund transport of the students to and from the planting site, liaise with the school sponsor as soon as the planting site and day are confirmed to agree what help can be supplied. Encourage the school sponsor to provide adult personnel to assist with planting.
  • Seek support from parents to attend planting day.
  • Be responsible for discipline on planting day.
  • Arrange for a photographer to record the day’s activity.
  • Encourage all students who have been involved with the growing of the plants to attend, although ultimately it is the TfS Teacher’s decision who attends.
  • One Tree Hill College hard at work

    Ensure that the students are suitably attired with closed shoes for tree planting, bring lunch, drink and, if not supplied, a spade.

  • Be aware that most of the day will be out of the classroom and this should be timetabled. This gives the students an opportunity to do a good job planting the trees, without the pressure of returning to school before the plantings are completed.
  • Make sure the landowner returns all school materials and equipment, including crates, to the school after the planting day.
  • Contact the landowner after planting day and invite him/her to come and speak to the students on the benefit their planting has had on the land.
  • Encourage the landowner to send the school progress reports, and photographs, of the development of the plantings in the following and subsequent years.


  • Te Puru School ready for action at the river mouth

    Make sure that information about the planting day and growth of the plants is made available to your school community, council and school sponsors.

Tauranga Girls’ College plants at Carmichael Reserve






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