PGUs hit Thames

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On 15 April, Paul Jennings, Eleanor Lee and a team of enthusiastic students from Parawai School met Don Roa, TfS National Manager, when he delivered their new 3m plant growing unit.  After carrying the PGU to its site they stored supplies ready for pricking out when their seedlings arrive in Term 3.  Some plants are destined for riparian planting along the Waikiekie Stream within walking distance from the school.  Over recent years, along with other Thames schools, Parawai has been involved in re-generating native bush along this local stream and walkway.

Parawai School staff and students proudly received their new PGU


Later Don travelled up the coast to deliver a second PGU to Coromandel Area School.  A team of students who have called themselves CAST (Coromandel Area School Trees, casting shadows for the future) welcomed Don and their unit.  They plan to use some of the native plants they grow to re-generate a stream within the school grounds, where they have recently started work clearing weeds

Receiving the PGUs was the result of winning a competition last year run by Power Co. The prize included sponsorship of the PGU and annual fee for the next 3 years. St Francis School, an established TfS school, also won sponsorship of their annual fee for the next 3 years.

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