Spreading the TfS news!

The TfS programme has operated very successfully for over 20 years with more than 1,000,000 planted trees to prove it; but we need more people to know about Trees for Survival.

The launch of Te Māra a Tāne and the internet age presents an ideal opportunity for TfS to look out to the broader New Zealand community within which are many who would respond to what TfS achieves.

Our new email-based communications is tailor-made for expanding the spread of the message. Head Office is continually growing our distribution list for organisations, departments, NGOs, Councils and other professional groups.

But we need every participant in the programme to try to provide a steady stream of email addresses for people who may be interested in the learning more of the major contribution TfS is making to the restoration and preservation of the national environment, while helping the next generation to become environmentally-aware.

Are you able to supply just one name per issue – six per year – of people you’d like to read more about what TfS achieves and how it works?

Please send leads to our Administrator and remember any recipient can very simply “unsubscribe” if they don’t want to keep receiving the news.

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