Rotary’s environmental month challenge

Next month is Rotary NZ Environmental month. New Zealand (and the world) faces a bewildering number of environmental challenges. Rotarians will have heard regularly of climate change, quality of New Zealand waterways, loss of biodiversity, mining conservation areas, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability – and the list goes on.

Trees for Survival is a Rotary project which by the simple act of encouraging school students to plant native trees is making a real difference in preserving the natural environment. Undoubtedly, planting trees helps to mitigate most of New Zealand’s environmental problems.















Bill Boyd,
TfS Trustee and Patron. President of Rotary International in 2006/2007 and a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation at opening for a new TfS Plant Growing Unit.

Of the some 245 Rotary Clubs in New Zealand approximately 20% are involved with TfS, doing their bit to preserve the country’s environmental heritage. But Rotary could do even better and be the premier community service group working to combat, nationwide, the environmental challenges the country now faces.
So here is the challenge – mark the Rotary Environmental month by

  • Arranging to plant trees with your local community (preferably through Trees for Survival)
  • Talk to your local school and offer them financial support to encourage them to become a Trees for Survival school
  • Invite a Trees for Survival Ambassador to speak to your Club. Contact the National Manager
  • Make a donation to Trees for Survival to enable them to plant more trees

Your Club and District newsletters will reflect what you do in Environmental month – the best Club and District response will be covered in our next newsletter!

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