People who make TfS work

Dianne Patterson, Field Officer, Auckland South reports on some southern personalities:
For many years TfS teacher at Clevedon School, Scott Cooper brought to the programme his passion for having children learn about native plants and organising their planting days.

With Scott now retired, the new TfS teacher, Tracey Sholson, is coordinating several Enviro projects, starting with rubbish and composting, which will have a natural linkage to work in the TfS horticultural unit. Clevedon children recognise the stress their natural environment is under as urban development moves toward this once idyllic rural settlement, and this motivates them in their work to revegetate at risk land.

Horticultural work there is largely supervised by dedicated Property Manager, John Edgar, who has been involved in TfS for over ten years and is always a stalwart amongst the planters on the annual Planting Day. His enthusiasm is contagious and excites a group of environmentally-conscious children.

After a review of their programme in 2012, on Monday 26March, Principal Julie Schumacher accepted a Certificate on behalf of the school in recognition of Clevedon School’s continued partnership with Auckland Council, Water Care Services and the Trees for Survival Charitable Trust.















From left. Kate Smith, Auckland Council Planting Day Coordinator; John Edgar of Clevedon School; Andrew Kantor, Environmental Planner. & Sarah Lenart, of WaterCare Services,; 2 parents and 2 pupils from Clevedon School,; Scott Cooper, TfS teacher up until 2012 at Clevedon School,; Dianne Patterson, TfS Field Officer Auckland South, . 















John Edgar at the Clevedon School PGU

At the end of 2012 pupils and staff of Pakuranga Intermediate organised a surprise event to acknowledge all the voluntary work Joan Mackay has done over the past twelve years. Another volunteer, John Guthrie, and new recruit Jose Dallimore were in attendance together with three members of the Rotary Club of Pakuranga and a letter of appreciation from Mellons Bay School was also read out.

Auckland Council’s Sue Crawshay gave her a 2012 award-winning book on Native Trees and a TfS Certificate was presented. Students from Pakuranga College, with teacher Gail Thomas added their vote of thanks and Principal Mr Myers presented a bouquet of pink gerberas.

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