A new approach

The ultimate challenge with any communications message is getting it seen and, most importantly, read. To further this goal the TfS newsletter is moving on – new name, new approach, new delivery and new balance to content.

You’re now reading the first issue of Te Māra a Tāne – Tāne’s garden – named to convey caring for the entirety of the environment; not only the trees but also waterways, other native flora, our fauna and the land itself.

Appearing bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October and December, Te Māra a Tāne will be supported by the Trees for Survival annual report on the previous year’s facts, figures and achievements, coming out about May/June.

The change to delivery avoids requiring a link to get to the newsletter; instead all email recipients are straight into an outline of the content. Stories introduced are only a click away from the full item, enabling readers to follow up the topics immediately that specifically interest them.

The higher frequency ensures that time-sensitive items can be treated appropriately while increasing the sense of involvement across the full breadth of TfS family. The range of items delivered will attempt to reflect all stakeholders in the programme regularly.

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