100 Tonne Challenge

June 5th (Arbor Day) is World Environment Day and Carbon4Good, GreenFleet, and the Sustainable Business Network will be working with TfS, community planting projects and businesses across New Zealand to help offset 100 tonne of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by planting native trees.

In 2012, SBN collaborated with school groups and member businesses to plant around 3,000 native trees. This year the 100 Tonne Challenge is growing, with planting taking place in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Christchurch and the West Coast.

Last year, Fulton Hogan and TfS played a major part, with a group from Sylvia Park Primary School planting out 700 native trees at the former’s Ellerslie site.  Campbell Sturrock, Environment and Quality Advisor at Fulton Hogan Ltd, says, “We’re pleased to support Trees for Survival and the 100 Tonne Challenge.  The site is looking good and we will be taking part again this year”.

The role of trees in offsetting carbon dioxide emissions because of the carbon they store, and use to grow, is now widely recognised. In addition to helping with emissions, the trees make a major contribution towards improving water quality as well as biodiversity.

As well as the positive environmental impacts, the 100 Tonne Challenge is a good way to participate in a team building activity, connect with the local community, collaborate with other businesses, and have fun!

There are several ways to participate in the 100 Tonne Challenge; businesses unable to release staff for planting on 5th June, can opt to pay for some of the trees being planted – a great way to offset their carbon emissions. Whichever way they participate, all businesses will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation in the 100 Tonne Challenge.

Costs vary depending on chosen method and membership of SBN and Carbon4Good.  For more information on being involved, please contact Louisa or visit the Carbon4Good website. 

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