New TfS Awards announced

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Another stage in the continuing evolution of the TfS programme is the recent announcement of a more comprehensive opportunity for schools, teachers and students to be recognised. As part of this new structure schools will be encouraged to strive annually to maintain their TfS Kowhai School Award status.

The Kowhai, which is undoubtedly New Zealand’s most beautiful tree and is distributed throughout the country, has been chosen as the TfS award symbol because its green leaves represent environmental education and the gold flower marks the achievement of excellence. The Kowhai also grows alongside streams and forest margins – areas frequently planted by participants in the TfS programme.

Schools achieving TfS Kowhai School status will be noted on and will receive a certificate with the top school receiving the prestigious Holyoake Award. A new streamlined, online, self-assessment system is being introduced.

There are three TfS Award categories for 2013. They are:

TfS Kowhai School Awards


  • tickerSchools apply for TfS Kowhai status each year.
  • The application process requires the school to complete a self-assessment online and also submit by email a 300 word statement by the TfS Teacher, with photos in a PDF document, on how the programme has benefited the students. In addition, a TfS student(s) is required to describe in no more than 300 words, with photos in a PDF document, how their school programme has benefited the environment this year and in the future.
  • All qualifying schools will receive a TfS Kowhai Award certificate for that year
  • The top school receives the Holyoake Award.

Assessment Process: Applications are received online by due date; A TfS Field Officer validates the self-assessment; then the TfS panel reviews assessments and validation report. Next the TfS Kowhai Award schools to receive certificates for the year are identified and the top TfS Kowhai School awarded the Holyoake Award prior to the end of Term 4.

The Accor TfS Teacher Award

  • Nominated by a TfS Field Officer (only one per Field Officer).
  • Teacher assessment sheet completed by Field Officer.
  • 200 word statement by TfS Field Officer describing why this teacher is deserving of the award.
  • Photo of teacher engaged in TfS activity is taken, as a record and for promotional purposes.
  • TfS Teacher of the year receives voucher for 2 nights’ accommodation with complimentary breakfast at a designated Accor Hotel.

Assessment Process: TfS panel review nominations and top TfS Teacher selected

TfS Student Award

  • Nominated by a TfS teacher
  • 200 word statement by TfS teacher, describing why this student is deserving of the award.
  • Photo of student engaged in TfS activity is taken, as a record and for promotional purposes.
  • The statement and photo is to be included in a single A4 page PDF and emailed to the TfS Administrator by due date.
  • Prize is a book or another tangible item.

Assessment Process: TfS Panel review nominations and top TfS student selected and notified prior to the end of Term 4.

Once the TfS panel has made its decisions no further correspondence will be entered into.

Applications for all three categories are due by 18th October 2013
Schools will be advised shortly when the online application procedure has been finalised and available to be completed. Further information, if required, can be obtained by emailing the TfS Administrator.

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