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Some recent additions to the list of schools operating the TfS programme:

Situated on the edge of the Auckland CBD, Freemans Bay School is a medium-sized primary (years 1-6) with around 420 students, many of whom live in apartments.

The PGU for the school was kindly donated by the Rotary Club of Auckland City Sunrise and sponsorship will be picked up by the Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland, which already sponsors three other TfS schools.

 Sandra Jenkins, Principal of Freemans Bay School and Greg Moyle, Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland.  From left: Pukeoware School Principal Eamonn Kelly with Beryl Oppert Waikato Schools’ TfS Facilitator and Claire Jewell representing the supporting organisation NZ Steel.

On May 8, Pukeoware School, near Waiuku, signed its TfS Partnership Agreement and the founding team then explored a probable site for the PGU, scheduled for delivery in June.

A new west Auckland school, Henderson Intermediate, sponsored by Henderson Rotary Club, took on the job of looking after the plants that Ranui School had pricked out last year.  “They have done an amazing job. Considering they joined the programme half way through the planting year, they have hit the ground running” says Sarah Brenchley, TfS Field Officer, “Everyone is so enthusiastic. The kids are really focused, the principal is passionate about the programme and the teacher is just great! We are all really excited about this new partnership”.

Students of Henderson Intermediate show intense commitment to the job at hand


















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