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Late last year, after two postponements, Tauranga Envirohub joined Maungatapu Primary, Tauranga Primary and Bellevue Montessori for a TfS planting day at Kopurereua Reserve – K Valley is the Bay of Plenty’s largest wetland reserve project running in partnership with Taranga City Council, under the direction of the Rotary Centennial Trust.

The planting site is near to the Tauranga Historic Village, where the TfS Field Officer Amanda Besley has her base at the Envirohub.


Craig Fea talks to the children

Ann Pritchard of Tauranga Rotary watches the planting process

Ranger Craig Fea of Tauranga City Council spoke about the importance of wetlands and thanked the children for their donation of plants and time to the Council. The group walked along boardwalks and through well-established previous plantings to the well-prepared new planting site. During another brief talk and demo of planting techniques, the children were reminded of the species they had grown and how the birds and insects will benefit.

Maungatapu School was assisted with bus transport by sponsor Ann Pritchard from the Tauranga Rotary who also participated in the day.


Site preparation and planting help was provided by Full Circle

Tania Gaborit of Envirohub, provider of the flax


Amanda Besley says, “Of all the reasons to protect, enhance and establish native bush I believe for children, seeing the variety of life that is within the forest is the most meaningful. It is certainly tangible. They will probably learn in time that trees produce oxygen, can reduce erosion, cool waterways, etc  but they own the knowledge that forests are full of life, through hands on experience.”Back at the Historic Village after the planting, the Montessori class had an invertebrate hunt. The simplest technique used was “heads down, bums up” but they also shook a branch over a large white sheet on which some interesting critters were collected. The experiment is even more interesting if the branch is shaken while someone’s head, or hat, is below!


TfS Field Officer Amanda Besley

Available for closer inspection!

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