Million Metres Streams Project goes live

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Time to go online and buy a metre of stream bank planting 

Claire Warren, Communications Manager MMSP, planting a sedge

The website of our partner, Million Metres Streams Project, is now live and accepting donations for riparian planting. This crowd-funding website, set up by the Sustainable Business Network in collaboration with Enspiral, is designed to speed up riparian planting across New Zealand by providing much-needed funds for trees. Trees for Survival have agreed to partner with the Million Metres Streams Project (MMSP) by providing and managing stream planting projects.

As the name suggests, the aim is to reach a million metres of funded streambank planting, and a counter on the homepage tracks progress towards that target. The website has launched with two planting projects, representing 2300 m of planned planting next season. At $36 per metre, that’s $82,800 required to get those projects underway, so now’s the time to get out your credit card and visit the website at

Crowd-funding website for MMSP

With 44% of all monitored lakes polluted beyond eutrophication, and 62% of our lowland rivers being unswimmable due to pathogens, something needs to be done quickly to start returning our waterways to a state where we can swim in them and harvest food from them.

Community groups like TfS, councils and landowners around New Zealand are already doing a first class job planting streams, rivers and lakes around the country. However, efforts need to be scaled up if we are to see a real difference in water quality. This website gives all New Zealanders – individuals and businesses alike – the opportunity to do their bit to restore the lifeblood to our streams, rivers and lakes.

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