Mapping Project

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TfS has been working with Digital Mapping Solutions, an IT company specialising in the development and implementation of integrated spatial solutions for commercial and government organisations with a particular interest in web-based strategies for the management of spatial data.

DMS had been looking to get involved in a school-based programme and were extremely impressed with TfS. They felt the programme fitted well within their scope of business.

Offering their services free of charge, the plan is to create a web-based geographical information system of all the plantings in the Auckland region, with information such as number of trees, types of trees, types of terrain and schools all captured onto a database.

A demo made up to show what the map looks like, what the form looks like, what information is captured; this will be tailored this to suit TfS projects.

At present TfS is trying to make the package fit to the programme and then a group of pupils from Waitakere School will be trialling it, and inputting data from this year’s planting day.

Sarah Brenchley, TfS Field Officer for Auckland North & West, said, “This could be a really exciting project and we are thrilled that DMS has offered to create this programme.”

Asked about DMS, Director Sarah Williams said, “We’re committed to helping schools encourage both children and their teachers and parent helpers to use the world of mapping and GIS (geographic information systems).  Where things are in the world and how that information helps us is becoming much easier to understand with tools like Google Maps and Google Earth.  Learning to build your own information up in a map and to report on that, also seeing how it fits into a bigger space, is a very easy way to illustrate how useful mapping and spatial information is.

“DMS has supported education in many ways over the year and in New Zealand, we approached TfS to indicate our willingness to support this initiative using the tools we offer. We’re looking forward to working with TfS staff and interested teachers.”

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