Kowhai Awards presented

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On 30 May, Albany Primary School was presented with the Kowhai Award and their Kowhai tree at a whole school assembly. Current TfS teacher Pam Phillips will look after the Kowhai in a pot until it is large enough to plant out in the school grounds. Previous teacher, Karen Jones, was invited back especially to receive the award on behalf of the school.

“This school is one of our best schools and totally deserves this award. There are always huge amounts of trees produced by the Green Grubs and the school actively teaches the reasons why the trees need to be grown. They should be proud”, said Sarah Brenchley, TfS Field Officer, Auckland North and West.

Sarah Brenchley and former TfS teacher Karen Jones

Peter Garnett, Lydia Ries, Paul Asquith and Murray Thoms with two TfS pupils

Murray’s Bay Intermediate School received their Kowhai Award and tree at an assembly of the whole school on 13June. According to the School’s Principal Colin Dale, “We’ve been part of Trees for Survival for almost 20 years and are extremely proud of the programme and its achievements.”

Rotarians Paul Asquith, Peter Garnett and Murray Thomas also attended the special assembly and described to the school some about their memories of planting days. Sarah Brenchley, TfS Field Officer, told the school they should be extremely proud of themselves, and described TfS teacher Lydia Ries as “awesome”.

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