Knobby Clubrush Ficinia nodosa

Wiwi with its club-like seed head

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A rush-like plant that is actually a leaf-less sedge, wiwi or Ficinia nodosa is a common sight growing in clumps in open situations close to the sea, often in moist or swampy ground.

Wiwi is very hardy and fast growing, compact plant, requiring no maintenance and is tolerant of very wet and very dry conditions and hence plays an important role in stabilising sand dunes.

It is a native plant but widespread throughout the southern hemisphere.

It has long stiff wire-like stems that can bend over in the top third in especially lush growth. It flowers September to December and has small round clusters of brown seed heads in November to May.

The club-like seed heads emerge from one side of the stem near the top, hence their common name is “clubrush” derived from this distinctive appearance.

Ficinia nodosa is also known as Scirpus nodosa or Isolepsis nodosa.

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