Horticultural Skills

A student participating in the Trees for Survival programme will:

  • know plant parts and use terms to describe them (eg: root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, bud)
  • recognise no less than 6 native tree seedling and adult species
  • be aware of the basic requirements for growth (eg: substrate, water, nutrients, O2, CO2, light)
  • be capable of applying plant nutrients and spays within school health and safety requirements
  • be acquainted with risks to healthy plant growth (eg: insect pests, weeds, fungal attack)
  • take responsibility for plant care
  • germinate seeds
  • be experienced in ‘pricking out’ small seedlings and ‘potting on’ more mature seedlings
  • be able to ‘plant out’ established seedlings in the field
  • be familiar with horticultural equipment (eg: root trainers, pots, irrigation gear)