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Basic Info Sheet 2015

For schools the Trees for Survival (TfS) programme provides all dimensions of the environmental education curriculum (See the Point View School website to see how the TfS programme works in their school).  For community partners there is not only the opportunity to support your local school but there is the chance to tackle some serious local environmental issues. For example nearly 50% of New Zealand’s farmland suffers from erosion. Lost productivity is only part of the problem – pollution of streams and harbours, flash floods and loss of habitat are all products of erosion. Communities can be involved at one or more levels in the TfS programme.

For example

FROM being a supportive volunteer parent helping your child on a planting day

TO being an environmental care group involved in local environmental restoration and providing guidance for your local school or involving them in your group project

TO being a landowner wanting to start a project to revegetate land to safeguard stream and water quality on your farm

TO a local business keen to fund the TfS programme in a school not only to offset carbon emissions but also to promote environmental responsibility in your business.

YOU can become a partner in a community partnership and help Trees for Survival plant more trees to resolve serious local and national environmental issues. Click here to become a Trees for Survival School, Volunteer, Landowner, Community group Supporter, Donor, School Sponsor, Unit Sponsor or Champion.

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