From the pen of the National Manager

Roger with students of Kelvin Road Primary, potting on seedlings during November 2014

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Welcome to the new year! Summer has come to the party in a way that reminds me of the ones we used to get when I was a Taranaki kid; those golden New Zealand events that have over time, attained an almost mythical status. So, did they really happen, or was I just imagining it? Perhaps this is the proof, finally, that they can, and did.

Cheers to all you happy campers who finally got a rain-free stay beneath the Pohutukawas with no wringing out of sodden belongings afterwards. Hopefully it’s the harbinger of a happy and prosperous year ahead for all of us. Refreshed and rejuvenated – all the best for the year ahead.

We look forward to the reports from the schools, and hope the really hot January has not been too hard on the seedlings.

We look forward too, to the rains of autumn, since they herald the arrival of the planting season – remembering the old adage that the best months for planting don’t have “r’s” in them. Roll on May, June, July and August.

This year the Trees for Survival Newsletter will feature the stories of our supporters as well as the schools who work very hard to produce and plant so many young shrubs and trees.
This month it’s Accor Hotels – I urge you to take the time to read about Planet 21, and its effects globally. It is a very impressive programme. And “thank you” to Accor for your continued valuable support both in financial and people terms.

Together with our other supporters, you do all make a difference; my heartfelt thanks for your continued enthusiasm for this great environmental educational programme.

Roger Milne
National Manager

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