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Amanda Besley reports on a wide range of activities she’s been involved with including Conservation Week and the Rotorua Ecofestival, as well as speaking to both Rotary and the Environmental studies students at the Polytech.

 Recently Maungatapu Primary School held a 100 tree planting at Carmichael Reserve to celebrate Conservation Week followed by a bug hunt. The adults assisting all commented on how wonderful it was to see children ‘getting back to nature’, and appreciating the simple precious things in our environment. Envirohub and TfS were the only two non-council participants in the Conservation Week activities in the Bay of Plenty.

Amanda Besley hiding behind a flowering manuka as she demonstrates a bug gathering technique

Ready to plant!

Learning about the environment and planting techniques

Learning about the environment and planting techniques

At the Rotorua Ecofestival, once again the TfS flag was flying high and attracting great attention, with children painting biodegradable pots (supplied by Biogrow) and planting up a Coprosma of their own to take home.

Pot painting in progress

The TfS tent attracted great attention

Painted pots with their coprosma

Talking the environment with the young

Papamoa Primary School recently joined TfS and held its opening ceremony and their first session potting out and sorting plants. Rotarian Mark Osmond of school sponsor Papamoa Rotary gave great support transporting the PGU and some plants from Te Akau ki Papamoa School to its new home where the school caretaker Gerrard helped reassemble it.

A study in blue

On the move

Reassembling the PGU


The well-stocked restored PGU

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