Installing your water timer

The Pope Easy Set automatic tap timer is the timer installed on most Plant Growing Units. This is a timer which requires a high pressure water supply and is not suitable for use on water from a tank supply. Click on the Owners Manual to download instructions on how to use it.

A splitter on the tap can be used to allow the water supply to be shared between irrigation of the growing plants in the unit and some other use.

The Pope timer is designed to fit to a tap fitting either directly at the tap or to a tap fitting at the end of a length of hose. The latter option allows for the timer to be installed securely away from the PGU. A standard hose fitting adaptor links the timer to the hose providing water for irrigating the plants. Note that it is wise to include a filter in this portion of the hose.

It is important that the timer is mounted the right side up (as shown) otherwise water drips into the battery casing causing it to malfunction.

Make sure, when installing the timer away from the tap that is securely attached to a support by ties, one above the unit and the other below, Do not attach the ties directly to the unit or the battery casing will be blocked which makes the batteries difficult or impossible to remove.

The image below shows the basic setup.