There are several awards made annually. They are the Kowhai School Awards, the Holyoake Award, the Accor Teacher Award, the NZ Steel Student Award and the McKay Award. See below for more information.


Each year Trees for Survival schools are invited to apply to retain or attain their Kowhai School status.

Being awarded the Kowhai School status is an acknowledgement that the school is successfully acheiving the aims and objectives of the Trees for Survival programme.

The top Kowhai school/s will receive the Holyoake award (see below).

List of Kowhai status schools.



A total amount of $1,000 is generously donated annually by Holyoake Industries to the school or schools which have best achieved the aims and objectives of Trees for Survival in our schools nationwide.

It is usual that the value of the prizes are
1st Prize:   $600
2nd Prize: $400
but the  awarding committee may decide to vary this at their discretion.

Applications for this award close no later than the beginning of Term 4 and the winners will be announced by early December.

List of Holyoake Award winners.

For further information  contact the National Manager.



Each year a teacher nominated by a TfS Field Officer will receive a voucher for 2 nights’ accommodation with complimentary breakfast at a designated Accor Hotel.

The Field Officers nomination will include a Teacher assessment and a 200 word statement by the TfS Field Officer describing why this teacher is deserving of the award. Also included will be a photo of teacher engaged in a TfS activity which may be used for promotional purposes.



Each year TfS teachers are invited to nominate a student for this award. The nomination is to include a

  • 200 word statement by TfS teacher, describing why this student is deserving of the award.
  • Photo of student engaged in TfS activity is taken, as a record and for promotional purposes.
  • The statement and photo is to be included in a single A4 page PDF and emailed to the TfSAdministrator by due date.

The prize will be a book or another tangible item with an approximate value of $100.



This award is given to a student in the Auckland region who has
– Shown a high degree of competence in the task of pricking out and potting seedlings on.
– Ensured that plants were watered regularly and were kept weed free.
– Ensured that pests and diseases in the seedlings were detected early.
– Helped keep the growing unit area neat and tidy.
– Attended a planting day and planted a good number of trees correctly
– Set a high standard of behaviour and responsibility during the year and on planting day .

The award has a value of approximately $100 and the decision is made by Auckland Council staff in consultation with Trees for Survival. The winner is announced early in December.

For further information about this award  contact the National Manager.