Feedback – so easy, yet so important

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Telling a sponsor how it’s going

Last month, South Auckland TfS Field Officer, Dianne Patterson reported to Tetrapak, sponsor of both Waipipi and Owairoa schools:
“Both are raising good numbers of healthy seedlings, and have paid attention to weeding and fertilising.

“At Waipipi School two very keen environmentalists, pupils Amy and Renee, showed me the work that the class has been doing. All the pricking out of seedlings is completed and some potting on has been done too. They are very knowledgeable about the plant species and why they are growing native seedlings.

Charlie is training Lydia to be lead TfS tudent next year

A team at work potting on








“At Owairoa School there were about 400 seedlings in planter bags and a further 1,200 in root trainers, well-ordered by plant type. Coordinator Claire Hargraves continues to keep the children actively involved in learning about raising native seedlings and this school has applied for a Kowhai Award this year, as described on our website.”

[Owairoa has since gained a Kowhai School award for 2013 – ed]

There’s nothing like saying it in person

As an expression of appreciation to their Support Organisation, Sylvie Wilkinson, TfS Coordinator at Takanini Primary School recently took two TfSpupils along to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Drury to enable the students to thank the Rotarians in person. Sylvie reports, “They wrote their own speeches about what they learned and what they love. They were fantastic and I was so proud of them.”

Rotarian Rolly Adams with Tamehana Martin, left, and Rohan Singh, (Year 7, Takanini School)