Diverse TfS activity in Tauranga

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Five classes from Omanu School, which is sponsored by the Bayfair ASB, planted Spinifex, wiwi and Carex at Mt Maunganui Beach.  Establishing dune plants differs from forest plants in that they take much longer to establish and are more susceptible to drought, damage and take over by much faster growing weeds. Omanu teacher, John Tawharu, and his class have managed their plant stock throughout the year with earnest thought and care.

The nature of the species that they are growing (carex, coastal flax) meant that only some were ready to plant out this year. Their PGU also has coprosma and pohutukawa, which will go into a suitable back dune site next year.

Coastcare contractor, Chris Ward, who boosted the available plant showed the kids how to dig a hole nearly as deep as the length of their arm, put in the plant, adding fertiliser and then tightly pack down the sand. The plants were all placed in threes in an equilateral triangle.

Jo Bonnor from Coastlands Nusery is supplying a tray of “wiwi” seedlings for Omanu and Te Akau ki Papamoa Primary School to prick out.  These are faster growing and will be ideal for the next stage of planting.

Chris Ward gives the planters a lesson

All hands to the job

Planting in a tough environment

Students from Maungatapu School, Gate Pa School and Bellevue Montessori are chomping at the bit to get their twice-postponed combined planting at Kopurererua Valley. Following this planting there will be an interactive biodiversity lesson….bug hunting.

Amanda Besley, Trees for Survival Coordinator, Tauranga Environment Centre continues to take every available opportunity to achieve publicity for TfS. Because of the partnership with Tauranga City Council for planting on Council land, she was invited to create display about the TfS programme for Conservation Week in the Tauranga City library.

Amanda says, “local DOC officer Pete Huggin, who liaises with the Envirohub, was very appreciative of the effort, since with recent restructuring they need all extra support we can give”.

Promoting TfS schools and their sponsors

Selling the TfS programme