Dame Anne Salmond becomes TfS Patron

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Don Roa, TfS National Manager, welcomes Dame Anne Salmond as a Patron of the Trees for Survival Trust, joining existing Patrons Bill Boyd, Ruud Kleinpaste and Rob Fenwick.

Don continues, “With Anne sharing our passions and expectations, we greatly appreciate the knowledge, support and influence she brings to TfS and acknowledge the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded environmental programmes.

“Planting season is well underway and big thanks are due to students, teachers, parents, helpers, sponsors, planting day coordinators and landowners who make it all happen. The weather is one thing for which we cannot plan, so we appreciate your flexibility in adjusting to alternative planting days when necessary.

“On 13 June 2013, we placed our first two units as part of the Waikato River Clean Up Project, into Whatawhata and Pokuru schools and 13 more schools are scheduled to be set up by end of this August. Additionally we have applications from Waiheke School (Auckland), Renwick School (Marlborough), Dilworth Rural Campus (Waikato) and Westbrook School (Rotorua) and at least five more pending.

“Currently embargoed, we will be announcing a new gold sponsor next month and look forward to profiling them in our next e-news.

“In August we will launch the Trees for Survival Awards with the assistance from participating sponsors. There will be awards for the TfS School, TfS Teacher, TfS Student and TfS Supporter. Full details will be posted on the TfS website shortly and schools will be required to apply online. Teachers and Supporters will be nominated by TfS Field Officers and Students by teachers. Although schools and individuals will be recognised, sponsors awards will go to their schools themselves for use in building up the school’s environmental programmes. The TfS Supporter award will be an individual award from a sponsor.

“Although somewhat stretched in resources and personnel at times, I wish to acknowledge and thank all our volunteers who step up to help in schools, with deliveries and on planting days and other occasions.”

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