Creating interest among the trainees

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Amanda Besly, of Envirohub Tauranga, reports: “One day in October I had a session from 8.30 until 12.10 to develop an interest in teaching sustainable education to a group of teacher trainees, who are early childhood and primary student teachers at the Bethlehem Tertiary Institute.

“As part of the session I talked to them about Trees for Survival.  Conveniently, Bethlehem College, a TfSschool, is right next to the campus so we took ourselves there to have a look, and experiment at pricking out manuka. Fortunately the unit has just had a major spring clean-up and was looking fantastic.

Teacher trainees learn about sustainable education

Learning to prick out manuka









“Earlier in the morning they had been encouraged to play with the insects such as centipedes brought into the classroom from my garden. Those students who were squealers and afraid of legged critters were able to have a go at snail racing.  Lots of fun!

“I also brought to their attention the Monarch Butterfly tagging project (NZMBT), which has nothing to do with TfS but is a charitable trust I like to help raise awareness of. I did happen to have a rather tatty butterfly (one that had survived the winter) with me to tag and release.

“Actually, if we were to grow the native stinging nettle we could then focus on supplying the host plant for the red and yellow admiral…”

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