Changes for Franklin schools

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Over recent years Trees for Survival has appreciated the generous use of a storage area at NZ Steel’s Glenbrook operation, while Waiuku carriers Knight and Dickey have delivered potting mix from Yates to the site. From there Anna McNaughton was able to pick up the bags for TfS schools in the Franklin area, she said, “So fast that they were there before they needed them!”

TfS is very appreciative of the help received at the steel mill, especially by Garden & Landscaping Coordinator Fiona Macdonald, a wonderful advocate of TfS, who is often seen volunteering on planting days.

More recently Franklin area schools have begun picking up supplies from their new depot at Gubbs Supplies, 14 Constable Road, Waiuku. Jo and Kevin Gubbs, who have been involved with TfS as landowners since their first planting in 2009, were very receptive to the idea when approached by Dianne Patterson, TfS Field Officer South Auckland. With pupils from Glenbrook School, the Gubbs will complete planting the length of their stream later this year.

Fiona Macdonald (in the yellow jacket) shows Glenbrook Primary School pupils how to finish planting a tree

The new depot!

The Gubbs Waiuku depot provides access to a forklift and, being centrally located, works well, especially for TfS students at Waiuku College who turned up with three wheelbarrows to cart their bags of potting mix back up the hill to their PGU.

In supporting this change, Don Wills, President of the Rotary Club of Waiuku, has offered to help transport materials up the Awhitu Peninsula. Rata Gordon, Auckland Council’s Field Officer for the region, is also involved and can pick up soil orders on the way to sessions with TfS schools involved in the programme.

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