Breadth of support is the key

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As we draw to the end of another calendar year I am amazed at the contribution and support Trees for Survival, has and continues to receive from many quarters.

The launching of Accor sponsorship, in conjunction with the Cure Kids Trek, was a great opportunity for the Accor participants to be engaged in various aspects of the programme along with participating students, thus experiencing first-hand the benefits of the TfS programme.

The establishment of a further 15 schools in the Waikato region, with another to join before year’s end, has been a test of our resources, yet well-managed by our Waikato Team. The funding contribution from Waikato River Authority through the Waikato River Cleanup Trust is the key to this expansion and we look forward to the opportunity of establishing another 10 new schools in 2014.

In the Wellington and Christchurch regions we are experiencing traction through engagement with like-minded organisations, as well as interest and support from our national sponsors.

Auckland, as our foundation region, continues to exceed expectations and the highly- valued contribution from our Auckland Council partner ensures that there is growth and stability.

In the future we look forward to being involved in supporting riparian planting opportunities that will improve water quality especially on farmland. The benefits of TfS being supported and engaged in this type of planting over the next 20 years will be advantageous to New Zealand’s environmental status.


Don Roa, TfS National Manager

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